Greece - Zakynthos

Zakynthos was for quite a while on my to-go list, as a perfect destination for a long weekend (of course, you could spend also more time here, but with just 2h flights, and connections Th and Mo afternoon, it’s a perfect destination for a short trip). Greece just re-opened for certain countries beginning of July, and with extremely low flight fares of Edelweiss for the first flights I booked on short notice the trip. Despite it would be busy season, it’s calm (around 10-15 oncoming flights per day in early July, instead of 60-65 the year before at same time). It might increase starting 15 July, then also UK and Russian citizen are allowed to enter Greece.


Scuba Diving is typical Mediterranean, very clear blue water, amazing formations (caves, caverns, canyons), but not too much coral and not as abundant fish life as elsewhere. But the scenery above water is truly amazing, and makes the journey to the dive spot as important as the dive itself. White walls, turquoise waters, amazing contrasts!